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The company successfully participated in the 2023 Europe (France) International Power Energy Exhibition, showing flowmeter products to lead the new trend of the industry

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At this year's European (France) International Power Energy Exhibition, the company with its excellent flow meter products, became the focus of the audience. As the largest and most authoritative energy industry vane in Europe, the exhibition has attracted excellent energy companies and experts from all over the world, and the company is also fortunate to participate in it to show our latest products and technologies to the public.

As the unifying brand for Clarion Energy's global series of utility Weeks and POWERGEN events, Enlit provides a clear direction for the global energy transition and a new mission for our company's flow meter products. Our flowmeters not only have a wide range of applications in the power energy industry, but also represent the future direction of development.

France (5)

In the three-day exhibition, the company's flowmeter products have been widely concerned and praised by professional visitors from all over the world. The audience included key heads of power and energy sectors and key heads of power companies from countries and regions in Europe, the Americas, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. They have expressed their appreciation for the company's flowmeter products and look forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future.

The company's flowmeter products shine at this exhibition not only reflects the company's deep technology accumulation and innovation ability in the energy field, but also highlights the company's important position and influence in the global energy transition. With its efficient, accurate and reliable performance, our flowmeters provide new solutions for the global energy industry and lead the new trend in the industry.

France (5)

As an enterprise committed to innovation and research in the field of energy, the company will continue to deeply cultivate the energy industry and contribute to the global energy transformation with advanced technology and excellent product quality. We look forward to seeing you again next year at the European (France) International Electric Energy Exhibition to discuss and lead the future development of the energy industry.

At this exhibition, the company delegation not only displayed our flowmeter products, but also took the opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with partners and customers around the world. We have deeply felt the development dynamics and trends of the global energy industry, and have also clarified the role and direction of the company in the future development.

In order to better adapt to and lead the development of the industry, the company has launched a new round of research and development plan, will increase investment, continue to develop more innovative and efficient energy products. We believe that innovation is the only way to remain competitive in the ever-changing energy market.

On the road to the future, the company will, as always, adhere to the development concept of "customer-centric, market-oriented", and constantly improve the quality of products and services to meet the needs of global customers. We look forward to working with partners and customers around the world to create a better future together.

Thanks to all the friends who care about and support the company, thank you for your enthusiastic participation and support in this exhibition. We look forward to meeting you again at next year's exhibition to discuss the future of the energy industry.

It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of gas metering instruments with professional skills, advanced technology, high-quality products and honest services.

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