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The company has set up a professional R & D team, according to the market and customer needs, constantly optimize the existing parts, develop new products. Advanced equipment such as vertical machining center is used for the production and processing of key parts to ensure the qualification rate and accuracy of key parts.

The company has been specialized in instrument production for six years, and is still committed to constantly developing new products, using the latest manufacturing technology, launching a variety of product series, and tailoring products with the required functions to customers.

Milling is the process of removing material by cutting metal with a high-speed rotating tool. A horizontal machining center is a machine tool that realizes milling by means of a mechanism that lays out the spindle horizontally. Due to the horizontal arrangement of the spindle, the tool moves reciprocally along the side of the workpiece to promote the effective discharge of chips. The horizontal machining center can also be equipped with double exchange tables for unattended operation and shorter workpiece processing cycles.
The company uses this equipment to produce and process the shell of the flow meter.

Automatic placement machine is a synthesis of machine, electricity, light and computer control technology. Through the functions of suction - displacement - positioning - placing, SMC/SMD components can be quickly and accurately mounted to the solder pad position specified by the PCB board without damaging the components and the printed circuit board.
It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of gas metering instruments with professional skills, advanced technology, high-quality products and honest services.

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