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The company participated in SPIGF, a natural gas exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia, to demonstrate the leading technology of gas flow meters

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Recently, the company successfully participated in the gas exhibition SPIGF held in St. Petersburg, Russia, to show the world our leading technology in the field of gas flow meters.

As one of the largest gas industry events in Russia, SPIGF attracts top energy companies and experts from all over the world to discuss and showcase the latest gas technologies and equipment. The exhibition not only promoted technical exchanges and cooperation in the natural gas industry, but also further promoted the development of the Russian energy sector.

At the exhibition, the company's stand attracted much attention. Our gas flowmeters, with its high accuracy, good stability, long service life and other characteristics, have been widely concerned and praised by industry experts and visitors. The product has a unique advantage in measuring natural gas flow, which can provide a more accurate and reliable measurement solution for the natural gas industry, which helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

During the exhibition, the company successfully reached cooperation intentions with a number of Russian and international energy companies. These companies say their gas flow meter products offer superior performance and reliability and will help improve their business efficiency and energy management.

In an interview, the Managing Director of the company said: "Participating in the SPIGF gas exhibition is an important opportunity for the company to showcase its products and technical strength. We are very pleased to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with industry experts and customers. In the future, we will continue to be committed to the development and production of better and more efficient gas flow meter products, and make greater contributions to the development of the global energy industry."

The successful holding of this exhibition not only shows the company's leading position in the field of gas flow meters, but also allows the company to better understand the global trend and demand. In the future, the company will continue to actively expand the international market and promote the sustainable development of the global energy industry.

Thanks to all visiting companies and experts for their support and attention to the company. We look forward to working with the global energy industry in the days ahead to create a greener and more sustainable future."


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